Tubelord – R O M A N C E Album Review

Tubelord return with their second full-length album ‘R O M A N C E’ If you’re partial to the Math-Rock stylings of Foals, the 8-bit passages of Crystal Castles and the angular guitar patterns of This Town Needs Guns, all fused with a Post-Rock twist, then, well - you’d best keep reading, hadn’t you?

Following on from their 2009 release ‘Our First American Friends’ R O M A N C E still churns out the same glorious harmonies and calamitous crescendos, although now with the added emphasis on the synthesizer it seems. In earlier releases, the electronica elements had been somewhat hidden in the background amongst the screaming vocals, reverb laden guitars and Herculean drums, merely acting as a conduit to the ambient soundscapes you may have been so accustomed to.

This is certainly not the case with The Postal Service inspired ‘4T3’ that is heavily laced with 8-bit goodness and a dollop of electronic nostalgia, which then out of nowhere transitions into a Post-Rock fuelled masterpiece. That’s the beauty of this band. They’re constantly changing it up throughout songs, creating a whirlwind of excitement that never gets stale.

Drawing influence from early guitar based bands such as the Middlesbrough based Dartz and Math-Rock pioneers Pele it’s hardly surprising the Kingston based Quartet have perfected their craft and produced such a solid album with the perfectly executed dynamics, textures and tones you have come to expect with Tubelord.

This is evident in the closer of the album ‘Tidy Diggs’ which provides a refreshing and anthemic explosion of musical bliss to the record. Listening to ‘Charms’ a lot like their prior release, it seems there are also no shortages of long, furious melodies, with orchestral overtones, a la Explosions In The Sky.

Other standout tracks are ‘Go old’ and ‘Ignatz’ which seem to hover around the dark and discordant style, only to lead into the classic pop elements that Tubelord are known and loved for.  Overall, the album is just what you would expect - a musically polished, vocally driven shit storm of brobdingnagian proportion. Just what you look for in a record, right?

You may hear a few murmurs, with the obligatory shrug of the shoulders when mentioning the name Tubelord - Yes, they are lesser known, but it has to be mentioned that this band is one of the most under-rated in the genre. This album is set to please not only the ‘hardcore’ fans clutching their ‘Square E.P’ but also the majority that haven’t heard so much of a whisper from this group.

R O M A N C E is due out on the 10th October and will be the first release via their brand spanking new label Pink Mist.



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